Acute Renal Failure & beyond 急性腎衰竭.. 然後?

Acute renal failure (ARF) usually comes fast and aggressive, taking owners by surprise. Due to the “unexpected” nature of this illness, owners are often left floundering on what steps to take to maximize the pet’s survival. Indeed, getting to see a veterinarian is the vital first step to saving your pet but what happens once the facts and options start to come at you? Read More

Homotoxicology 同類/ 順勢療法

Homotoxicology – a branch of homeopathy – is a study in the maintenance of a body system that is stable, neutral and promotes self-regulation. Breaking down the word will show – “homo” = man ; “toxico” = toxin or poison ; “logy” = study of. Put together, the word means the study of the effects… Read More