GMO – Is this an issue in Hong Kong?基因改造食品影響香港寵物嗎?

Genetically modified foods (also called GMO for short) involves genetic manipulation of genes within a food species. The purpose of doing so is to strengthen the resistance of such food (typically a plant) to pests such as insects. As a result, a plant that is genetically modified should be more resistant to pest attacks and… Read More


這個年代, 不少人口邊都掛住 「 免疫系統好重要 」。大家可能對有助「提升免疫系統」的補健品知識水平提高了不少,更可能每天都服用。但你、家人及愛寵的日常飲食又可有受到你的注意? “You are what you eat” 一句流行的字句,提醒我們「你是靠你所吃的」。飲食習慣良好、食物大致「乾淨」、飲食均衡是為你的愛寵帶來良好免疫力的重要一環。這種「食得好」意念不相等於大飲大食、無限小食、或生日派對給寵物一件大牛排!你及愛寵可有如此生活習慣? 無論你生活習慣如何,你需要知道世界上食物生產越來越艱難。如果養活人類已一年比一年難,試問我們愛寵的飲食需求是食物生產業首要的考慮嗎?正正是因為我們對飮食要求日益提高使食物浪費情形每況愈下,不少生產商利用這個情況作「廢物利用」不時把人類視之為「垃圾」的食物循環生產為動物食品。這情況發生於貓倘狗食品、生產動物例如牛、羊、豬、家禽及海類動物身上。想像一下,你家中垃圾拿來每天、每餐的餵給愛寵食。你可以接受嗎?你認為牠們的免疫力又有多好?免疫差,即容易病於是看醫生也多了。你接受嗎? 腸胃健康由適量、新鮮、帶水份的食物開始。自2019年下半年起,我們看到不少腸胃弱的年輕寵物及腸胃非常差的老年動物。病不是一天內發生而是因為長期忽略所產生。如果大家都認知要為自己未來儲蓄;那你的愛寵也需要你為牠們做一些功夫,儲蓄良好免疫力。 寵物的飮食喜好跟主人喜好相近。但你可以自由選擇吃什麼,你寵物卻是100%依賴你的決定。動物是沒有選擇的。所以,當你決定買下一包乾糧、濕糧或小食,請用一分鐘查看食品標籤。因為你對手上這一包食物除了包裝可愛之外你可能根本一點都不認識內裏是什麼材料。而你卻準備歡天喜地的帶一包可疑食品回家送給你最愛的伴。帶了回家的貢品可能是回收食品、含高劑量毒或是從不法生產手法製成的食品,你又可知道?   2020年是大家對食物認知提高的時候了。説一句「係咩?我唔知喎」的習慣是時候改了。當你自動研究食品標籤,你也必然對自己食物認識提高。同時, 正視寵物的排泄物特別是大便是注意腸胃健康極重要一環。明白什麼是「靚屎」不但幫你了解寵物對食物的反應,也提供你有關食物品質資訊。你於照顧寵物的應變能力也因而提高,看病機會也可因而減少。

Biofilm 生物膜

Biofilm is a film of “slime” that promotes bacteria sticking onto its surface and sticking to each other. Biofilm contains proteins, lipids (fats) and carbohydrates that can essentially feed the bacteria that lives within the film. Biofilm provides protection to bacteria and other organisms including virus and fungus. Drug penetration becomes extremely difficult, taking up… Read More

NEWS FLASH >> Atypical Dilated Cardiomyopathy 擴張型心肌病

Taurine (牛磺酸) is an important amino acid (氨基酸) that impacts on the health of heart and brain tissues. Taurine deficiency is well documented in cats, which leads to the development of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (擴張型心肌病). This type of heart disease is rarely a problem with the modernization of cat foods. Not all food types contain Taurine.… Read More

GMO Part II – Corn in Every Part of Our Lives (玉米/ 粟米無處不在)

Those who uses our veterinary service at Biorecovery – will probably remember that we almost NEVER recommend corn as a part of your pet’s home-cooked diet. There is a reason for this omission. Corn is a very commonly used crop and it infiltrates into many parts of our lives. Corn is eaten on its own,… Read More

Dog Itchiness – 隻狗好痕!怎麼辦?

What is affecting my pet to cause itchiness? Itchiness can be caused by so many reasons. Some reasons may be caused by matters that are preventable. Some reasons may be avoidable entirely by applying logical and restrained management. To name a few common reasons: Environmental / Contact Allergy Food Allergy Parasitic infection Parasitic bites (mosquitoe… Read More

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) – 基因改造生物

Living organisms that are genetically manipulated in a laboratory are known as Genetically Modified Organisms. Majority of these organisms are modified such that the respond more favorably to the application of herbicide to have the ability to produce an insecticide. However, there is question whether the world has seen more advantageous traits such as drought… Read More

Easter = Chocolate 復活節 = 食朱古力

Easter holidays is upon us and if you have children then the Easter egg hunt is on! Just make sure your dog at home doesn’t manage to take a bite off the chocolate Easter egg! Chocolate Toxicity (中朱古力毒) There are so many types of chocolates available, how can you determine if the chocolate that was… Read More