PawFriction Kit


One kit contains
– PawFriction rubber granules (animal-safe)
– 3 tubes of glue.

This kit can be used 3 to 6 times depending on the size of your pet’s paws

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PawFriction is suitable for animals that prefers to be free of wearing socks or booties. The rubber granules are glued onto the paw pads which provides grip for the animal.

This product is suited to dogs and cats that are sliding on the ground when walking. If your home has marble flooring, tiled floors or wood panel flooring – then adding traction and grip for your old companion is really helpful!

PawFriction rubber granules are safe for animals even if your pet chews and licks its feet!

Additional information

Weight 130.1 g
Dimensions 22.5 × 13 × 3 cm

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