Biorecovery Veterinary Services provides both in-clinic and housecall (current suspended due to COVID pandemic) care for your pets.

We are a general practice with special interests in complementary medicine and regular detoxification therapy (Homotoxicology, Traditional Chinese Medicine); geriatric care and in post-operative rehabilitation.

It is our belief that most pet owners want to learn more about their pet’s behavior, dietary requirements, illnesses and the necessary medications and tools to help them. We provide a standard 30 minutes consultation for all patients and our second opinion consultations start at a standard 45 minutes.

In addition to providing more face-time with your pets, we also stock a range of practical, durable and easy-to-use tools that are tried and tested. Products such as the Cesar Milan training lead and Pack Leader Collar (Formerly Illusion Collar) has been tried and tested to be extremely durable and reliable. The Help’em Up harness is used by many pets that have trouble walking or just need that little tug to help them stand properly. We will continue to be on the lookout for useful and well-made products for your pet. So check in with us every so often!

We also understand that some pets are just more difficult to give medicines to, so we have a service to offer to save your precious fingers and hands from your pet! Upon request, we can discuss and arrange to bring in specific medications that can be made into a cream – so you can administer the medications simply by rubbing as little as 0.1mls onto their ears. It’s that simple!

Have a look through our website and see what services your pet may benefit from visiting us!