General Services

We provide a range of regular veterinary services for your pet including:

  • Vaccinations for cats and dogs (貓/狗防疫針)
  • Anti-Rabies vaccination and dog license (防瘋狗症針; 狗牌)
  • Microchip (AVID & ISO) implantation (晶片植入)
  • Vaccine antibody testing (抗體測試)
  • Regular consultations (門診)
  • Pet exportation documentation (動物出國手續) – SUSPENDED due to COVID-19 (March 2021 onwards)
  • Computed Radiology and contrast study (X-光檢測)
  • Ultrasonography (超聲波檢測)
  • Electrocardiography (心電圖檢測)
  • Blood pressure monitoring (血壓檢測)
  • In-house blood and urine tests (驗血及驗尿)
  • Allergy blood testing (血液測試食物及環境致敏原)
  • Food intolerance salivary test (動物口水測試食物不耐症)
  • Desex surgery (絶育手術)
  • SPCA CCCP Cat Desex + Microchip Service (愛護動物恊會資助 流浪貓絶育手術及晶片植入)
  • General surgery (一般手術)
  • Cryotherapy (冷療手術)
  • Hospitalization (住院服務)
  • Euthanasia end-of-life service (安樂死服務)

Mobile Housecall Service (上門診症服務)

We provide once-off and regular home-visits for patients that require general services including vaccinations, consultations, complementary, rehabilitative services and acupuncture.

Please note that not all cases are suitable for house-call. Please call to enquire.

Mobile services are suspended as of February 2020 due to COVID-19 Pandemic until further notice.

Complementary Medicine

We provide the following non-traditional therapy modules that complements seamlessly with western medical practice:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture (針灸)
  • Homotoxicology (Homeopathy) medicine (同類 / 順勢療法)
  • Auto-Sanguis Therapy (強化順勢療法)
  • Food intolerance salivary test (動物口水測試食物不耐症)
  • Medical Ozone Therapy (醫療臭氧療法)
  • Vitamins and Nutraceutical Therapy
  • Photobiomodulation Patching Therapy (光生物調節療法)

Rehabilitative Services

We strongly believe that recovery from a surgical procedure or chronic illness takes patience, patience, human and technology support. At Biorecovery, we provide the following services to aid in your pet’s recovery and in its journey of living with chronic illness. The following services are especially suited for supporting senior or geriatric pets:

If you are interested in seeking specialized treatments such as complementary and rehabilitative services, please check out our blog by clicking the blog posts on the right of each page!