Please use the templates as guidelines to measure and determine what size booty or harness is suitable* for your pet.

We have demonstration products for some of the brands we carry, so feel free to contact us on 2915 2095 to arrange for a time to bring your pet up for a fitting.

* Please note we do not refund products that are sold.


If your dog loves trekking and still loves to but he/she is getting old – then these booties are the way to go! As many old dogs are prone to getting little stones or shards of sharp materials caught between their feet or directly poked into the paw pads, these hardy booties will prevent them from scuffing their nails and protect their paw pads from these annoying injuries.

Measurement is easy! Stand your dog up on all four legs, put a sheet a paper under the paw pad and measure the widest part of the paw. It’s that simple!

Each box contains 4 booties for all the legs!


Harness logo

Medium black lab

Help’em Up Harness® is very useful and well suited to pets that are not able to walk freely, has difficulty standing up on its own, paralyzed or quadraparetic. This product provides support to the pet’s front and back, linking the two sections with a secure clip to keep everything working in sync with each other. The harness’ big-plus is that you can put it on your pet (especially big dogs) while they are lying down with the use of flexible clips. We highly recommend this product for dogs that are medium sized or larger.

 * We will be stocking Extra small (XS) very soon! Stay tuned!

Size Guidelines:

  • Extra small – 8 to 20 lbsHarness Dimensions: Neck: 8-18″ Chest: 8-24″ Waist: 6-20″
  • Small – 20 to 35 lbsHarness Dimensions: Neck: 8-24″ Chest: 10-32″ Waist: 10-24″
  • Medium – 35 to 70 lbsHarness Dimensions: Neck: 12-26″ Chest: 16-36″ Waist: 14-26″
  • Large – 70 to 110 lbsHarness Dimensions: Neck: 16-36″ Chest: 20-40″ Waist: 16-30″
  • Extra Large – 110 to 220 lbsHarness Dimensions: Neck: 20-40″ Chest: 24-44″ Waist: 18-36″