The following links are mostly reproduced with the permission of the original site. Links may be updated from time to time.


Paralyzed Animals

A useful site that targets the cause of paralysis and most importantly the long term care and management of pets that are paralyzed.

A very informative site with useful tips on caring for and making the most of life with a paralyzed pet. This is a comprehensive and useful site to start for owners that are new to caring for aged, arthritic or paralyzed pets.


Behavior & Cognition Matters

The Yellow Dog Project focuses on educating the public about giving dogs – SPACE. It is important to not over-crowd a dog, especially one that is nervous, anxious, shy or in-training. Click on the link to learn more about this wonderful movement and how you may be able to help educate others.

This website by Eileen Anderson describes life with a dog suffering from cognitive dysfunction (aka Dementia). The site provides good resources, links and videos to help you determine if your pet suffers from this disease. Dementia is a silent disease and not an exact science. Learn early from your peers so you can recognize the signs sooner and be prepared!


Blood Donation

An Australian site dedicated to promoting blood transfusion in humans. This site made an important mention regarding transfusion in animals too.


This is a very informative and short video that tells you pertinent information on what animal blood transfusion is about.


Antibiotic Use & Resistance

Official World Health Organization (WHO) factsheet on antibiotic resistance. Educate yourself and learn the strength and pitfalls of antibiotic use. Understand that NOT all illnesses can be remedied with antibiotic use.


Food and Nutrition Awareness

GMO – pertains to food products that originate from genetically modified seeds have been available to the human and animal mass market since the 1996. GMO products have been found – through non-industry funded studies to have potentially significantly deleterious effects on one’s health. Learn more about what you eat from this website which lists brands that have pledged to be “Non-GMO”.


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