Leash & Collars

Brands - Cesar

These leash and collars are uniquely designed and durable – made for efficient training.

The training leash works smoothly and will not catch nor choke your dog. The Pack Leader Collar is a reinforced choke chain that stays on the top part of the neck and ensures quick release of the choke mechanism.

Paw Protection – Outdoor


We stock some Ruffwear booties for dogs that have an active lifestyle.

Dogs’ pawpads can be quite easily injured when they go on walks and the right booties can best protect sharp objects like grass seeds, branches, thorn and gravel.

These booties may provide solid traction and protection for dogs with disability – such as those that are limping, paretic or paralyzed etc.


Traction for Paws

Brands - Pawtology

Paw Friction is a new product that may just be the answer to your prayers – if your pet does not do well with booties, traction socks, traction stickers or toe-grips!

Pick up the dog!

Harness logo

Help’em Up Harness is a total God-sent! These harnesses allow you to place them and secure onto your pet while lying down. The unit comprises of a front chest plate and a back-end support along with two handle-bars for us to hold on to so as to keep the dog nice and steady.

This brand also provides 2 back harness versions – one for female (Conventional harness) and one for male (U-Band).

We currently stock small, medium, large and X-large harnesses and have demonstration products for your pet to try. Feel free to give us a ring on 2915 2095 to arrange a time to bring your pet in for a fitting!


Harness helping model