Biorecovery Veterinary Services strives to uphold practicable animal welfare through proactive patient management, client education and support. We promote and encourage home management for patients suffering from chronic and end-stage diseases and we work to create a support system for the generous carers of our animal companions.

Our goal is to disseminate information, provide sensible and practical veterinary care by integrating Western and Chinese holistic principles. We work to promote and empower a rational and welfare-conscious animal-loving community.


LS with calf


Dr. Shum was born and raised in Hong Kong and later studied in Sydney, Australia for her secondary and tertiary schooling. She graduated from the University of Sydney in 2003 and began her career working with farm animals in Australia. Dr. Shum moved on to small animal practice in 2007 working in Singapore, Sydney and finally in Hong Kong. Her experience has guided her to develop an interest in animal rehabilitation, complementary medicine and geriatric care.

Dr. Shum obtained certification in Acupuncture with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 2011 and has integrated this therapy as a regular part of her practice in animal rehabilitation and pain management. In 2016, Dr. Shum began to apply homeopathy, specifically homotoxicology with her first patient being Finn her black dog who suffered from acute liver disease. Homotoxicology is now regularly applied on both young and senior patients and is also used on patients with end-stage diseases.

Homeopathy and Ozone therapy are also regularly applied and on offer to patients as Dr. Shum attained a Fellowship in Medical Ozonotherapy (FAA) in 2020. Ozone therapy along with anti-oxidant therapies are applied on patients with liver disease or cancer.

Dr. Shum absolutely adores cows and involves herself in cattle work within Hong Kong since 2011.


Nurse Manager Sum Yu (Voon)

Like our colleagues at Biorecovery, Sum Yu joined the veterinary healthcare profession many years ago to help our furry companions lead better lives. Sum Yu adopted a rescued mongrel Finn with a fractured leg 8 years ago. She is also the proud owner of two cats – Flojo and Riley. It is Voon’s firm belief to forge a strong three-way relationship, made up of the veterinary practice, the furry patient and our client the owner – because, “everybody needs the right kind of help.”

Biorecovery is proud to announce that Sum Yu has attained Membership in Medical Ozonotherapy application in 2020.

team_car Honda

Biorecovery Mobile Vehicle

Our vehicle carries a range of medications and supplies for a consultation with your pet. It is a spacious little van that is able to carry extra passengers for a hospital transfer when required. We provide vaccinations, medications, injections, fluid therapy, acupuncture, homeopathic treatment, rehabilitative services, wound care and sales of consumables such as buster collars and bandages. Give us a ring to organize for prescription food or medicine delivery for existing customers!