GMO – Is this an issue in Hong Kong?基因改造食品影響香港寵物嗎?

Genetically modified foods (also called GMO for short) involves genetic manipulation of genes within a food species. The purpose of doing so is to strengthen the resistance of such food (typically a plant) to pests such as insects. As a result, a plant that is genetically modified should be more resistant to pest attacks and thus more likely to give higher yield in production.

GMO is a growing concern around the world including the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. These countries are major agricultural countries that export crops to overseas countries eg. China.

Hong Kong relies heavily on importation of food products from all over the world for both human and pet foods. It is therefore inevitable that we and our pets are regularly exposed to GMO-foods (and some non-GMO foods). For those of you who need a refresher on what GMO foods are all about, click here Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) – 基因改造生物.

A yearly survey report is prepared by the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) regarding GMO products that are imported and locally grown. Readers are encouraged to click here for a quick review. This will be especially meaningful to those readers who are avid home-cookers for their family and pets.

基因改造(GMO)食品已是大家生活上不能分隔的一部份。連同殺蟲劑如Glyphosate (RoundUp ®), 世界的食物鏈已經完全受到GMO的接觸及影響. 香港大部分食物都是進口帶入的. 即是話當大家明白海外農業的基本運作, 便可以對食物品質有一定的理解.

基因改造食物 (GMO foods) 於外國/ 西方社會如美國, 英國, 澳洲已成為大熱話. 既然大家於香港吃的都有不少來自以上大國的食物 (肉類, 飲品, 小食, 寵物食等), 那你更加需要知道你是否每天都在吃GMO食品?

基因改造(GMO)食品對你我及寵物有什麼影響? 按此看看

原來自2000年初, 香港漁農處已開始每年檢查市面上進口及本地農產品的品質. 查看香港食物GMO情況可按此.

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