HOMEMADE – Old dog need some traction!

Those of us who owns pets – both dogs and cats – know that as they become old, they do not walk as much.

One of the reason for not walking so much is arthritis (關節炎) that causes one or many joints on the body aches and pains. As a result these pets prefer to sit or lie down, as getting up is just too uncomfortable.

A second reason for not walking as much may be due to UNCONTROLLABLE SLIPPING. In order to rise from a resting position, animals need their paw pads to have enough traction to help them get up. So, this becomes a problematic viscious cycle:

  • insufficient walking (therefore insufficient use of paw pads), cause:
  • overgrown paw pads, therefore:
  • provide less traction, therefore:
  • pet has greater difficulty getting up or walking around, therefore:
  • prefers to sit and lie down, therefore:
  • paw pads are not worn down and so continue to overgrow.


What should normal paw pads look like?

traction - paws normal

Normal paw pads are soft and plump.


What is overgrown paw pads?

traction - paw pad overgrown

Overgrown paw pads are firm and furry. The yellow “brush-like” fibers seen in the photo immediately above shows the extra firm bristle-like keratin on each of the paw pads. These firm fibers do not provide much in the way of traction.

Can I help to let it walk easier?

Yes you can!

There is a myriad of options that may help your pet to gain traction when it is walking. In general, these products are some version of booties that the pet is to wear. There are also little rubber rings that you fit onto their toe nails – called Toe Grips (R) to help.

Some pets do better with one form of treatment or another. Some pets absolutely hates booties and takes a second to fling it off. Some pets do well with wearing socks or toe grips. Basically – you need to keep trying different methods.

One of our client has come up with this semi home-made method, using toddler socks with traction and a velcro ribbon!

Traction - Bailey homemade-3

If you have gone through the ringers trying out various types of booties for your pet and it keeps flinging them off – then here is a handy tip for you.

Here is what it looks like on the handsome dog specimen.

Traction - Bailey homemade-4Traction - Bailey homemade-1

Once these socks are secured with the velcro ribbons – off he goes!

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