Antibiotic Resistance (抗生素耐藥性)

Antibiotics are wonderful stuff.

Too  much of a good thing – ends up turning into a nightmare.

In the 21st Century (that means Year 2000 to 2100…) antibiotic resistance has become the new official worldwide nightmare.

Here in Hong Kong – we at the clinic have been battling with clarifying these two terms to pet owners. It’s worthwhile to learn the true meaning of these terms – both for your health and your pet’s :

Antibiotic = 抗生素

Anti-inflammatory drug = 消炎藥



Antibiotics are used primarily to fight bacteria (細菌感染). Bacterial infection often causes fever (發燒); but not all fevers are caused by bacterial infection. Antibiotics technically does not cure virus-infections, fungal infections nor parasitic infections.

Anti-Inflammatory drug

Anti-inflammatory drug(s) are used to reduce inflammation. It is not exclusive to combating bacterial infection. Anti-inflammatory drugs achieve 消炎, but it does not kill bacteria (不殺菌).

Antibiotic does not cure all illnesses. Unnecessary use of antibiotics will change yours and your pet’s body’s normal bacterial population. Un-balanced bacterial population within the body can cause the following (but not exclusive to) signs:

  • unstoppable diarrhea
  • poorer digestion
  • poor nutrition absorption
  • development of unusual secondary illnesses – eg. fungal and yeast infections


Here at Biorecovery – we are committed to not abuse the use of antibiotics. For this reason, we offer other complementary therapies including acupuncture and homeopathy to avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Antibiotic-resistance is very real

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