Kidney Disease – Feeling Cold

Animals suffering from Chronic Kidney Failure (CRF) are usually feeling cold.

How do you tell if your pet is feeling cold?

It lacks a good appetite.
It prefers sleep to activity.
It prefers to sleep on bedding.

The kidneys are the centre of heat production for the body when considered in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Naturally then when the kidneys are weakened, the ability to produce heat is reduced. Therefore, the animal feels cold.

Cold leads to sluggishness. This means the animal feels sluggish and their digestion becomes sluggish. Ingesting cold foods will add to this sensation. Therefore warming up your animal’s food before feeding is important in providing warmth to their digestive system.

Here is how to manage animals that are chronically dehydrated and feeling cool..

Feed wet food. Add very warm water.

Mush it up! Ready to serve!

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